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3rd Meeting Faculty Seminar

We will continue assessing in seminar today whether, as Alvin Rosenfeld worries, we are in danger of approaching “an end to the Holocaust.” We will also explore the survivor writers he emphasizes who ought to be thought of– despite their … Continue reading

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President Obama on Internatl Holocaust Remembrance Day

‘Never forget,’ says Obama on Remembrance Day By JPOST.COM STAFF 01/27/2012 21:43 On Int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day, US president vows to remember Holocaust through actions as well as thoughts. US President Barack Obama [file] By REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque US President Barack … Continue reading

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Robert Wistrich Channeling Alvin Rosenfeld

January 26, 2012 Thursday Jerusalem Post Can there be a second Holocaust? By ROBERT S. WISTRICH 26/01/2012 The Holocaust has become a weapon of choice for many of Israel’s worst enemies, for a resurgent anti-Semitism. In recent years, the Holocaust … Continue reading

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2nd Meeting of Faculty Seminar, Alvin Rosenfeld, The End of the Holocaust

What anguishes Alvin Rosenfeld? Why does he worry about an end of the Holocaust? How does he think Holocaust knowledge is transmitted? Why does he think the greater the reference to and representation of the Holocaust, the less understanding? How … Continue reading

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First Meeting of Faculty Seminar: New Directions in Study of the Holocaust

Our first seminar meeting will take place on Tues., Jan. 17. The full schedule is below. JAN 1/17 Introduction, Overview 1/24 End of the Holocaust Rosenfeld 1/31 End of the Holocaust FEB 2/7 Thousand Darknesses Franklin 2/14 Thousand Darknesses 2/21 … Continue reading

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