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Our group’s mission is to establish a walking and bicycling friendly culture at the University of Michigan-Flint that fosters the support of safe, non-motorized transportation initiatives, policies, and infrastructures across the campus and through the greater Flint area. Increased walking and bicycling will lead to reduced congestion on campus, enhanced local and regional transportation options for current students, staff, and faculty, aid in attracting future students, and ultimately lead to a safer and healthier community for everyone in Flint, Michigan.

Currently, the Walk and Bike Work Group plans on launching its first Free Bike Share Program for the University of Michigan-Flint. This program will allow members of the UM-Flint campus free access to ride maize colored bicycles throughout campus and downtown Flint. To further promote sustainable transportation, the Walk and Bike Work Group is looking into Smart Commute and other options to educate students, faculty, and staff during the coming semesters for 2011/2012.

Check out our blog for info on meetings, events, programs, safety tips, articles, and more! If you have any questions, feel free to email amisner@umflint.edu.

Thanks again for stopping by! We hope you’ll join us in our mission to make Flint a better place to live, work, and play!


UM-Flint Walk and Bike Work Group


November Walk and Bike Work Group Mtg Minutes

Attendance: Greg Rybarczyk, Laura Gallagher, Theresa Landis, Gary Par, Ali Harris, Susie (Env. Health and Science), Cassie Sadler
Stephen Landon Memorial Ride: The ride was very successful! We had over 30 bicyclists. There is potential we may turn this into a yearly ride and pair it up with the Tour De Flint. If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to the following address with “731777” in the memo line. This will ensure the donation is sent directly to the Stephen Landon Scholarship Fund:

The University of MI-Flint
Office of Development & Alumni Relations
432 N. Saginaw St. Ste 1001
Flint, MI 48502

Earth Day: Saturday, April 13th from 10AM to 3PM in the UM-Flint UCEN. Leading up to the event will be the annual Recycling Challenge. Alan & Ali Harris are considering having the pedal-powered generator available to allow participants the chance to generate power for an amp as they put on a musical performance. The Walk and Bike Work Group will also have a table. We would like to display the bicycle kiosk system.
Harrison St: NO TURN ON RED signs have been installed at the intersection of Kearsley St. and Harrison to increase bicycle & pedestrian safety.
LMB Article: Gregy Rybarczyk, Victor Lukasavitz, & Ali Harris submitted a Bicycle Roads Skills Course article to the League of MI Bicyclists. The article will be published online and in the LMB magazine.
Transportation Survey Research Paper: Still in progress and will be submitted before the end of December 2012.
Maize Bike Kiosk system: The software program will be finished during the Spring 2013 semester. The kiosk will still be the capstone project for Winter 2013. Adrian College is interested in the UM-Flint bike share system and kiosk system. Students from the Computer Science and Engineering dept. plan on patenting the kiosk system and selling it via the UM-Flint Incubator.
Bicycle Road Skills Course Information Signs: Please see the attached draft to provide input on what you believe should be on the sign. There will be a second sign draft sent soon with a Title, brief description of the course, and names of contributors.
Bicycle Education post cards: These post card-sized flyers will serve as a friendly reminder to campus motorists to be courteous to bicyclists. One side will feature a check list of violations (ex: “Parking in Bicycle Lane”) and the other side will provide basic road rules to educate motorists on the importance of sharing the road! When a motorist has violated a rule, campus safety and members of the Walk and Bike Work Group will have the ability to place these post cards on the window of the vehicle.

BFU App: Ali Harris & Greg Rybarczyk will be working on turning in the Bicycle Friendly University Application before the next due date, Feb. 5th, 2013.
Laura’s Achievement: In 375 days, Laura Gallagher has ridden her bicycle 2,500mi total. To date she has ridden 2,635mi. Way to go Laura!
Bicycle Count Map: Will be available soon.
Bike pumps for bike racks: Will be installed Spring 2013. Rec Center provides a bike pump year round.

NEXT MTG: EVERY FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH. FRIDAY, DEC. 7th, 1pm in the Alumni Rm (3rd floor UCEN)

September Walk and Bike Mtg. Minutes

Attendance: Gary Parr, Theresa Roach, Aaron Bigler, Suzy Limberg, Ali Harris

·         Touch-a-Truck: This youth/family-oriented event will be on the W.S. White Bldg parking lot near the intersection of Saginaw St. and 5th Ave. from 11am-3pm on Saturday, Sept. 29th. The Walk and Bike Work Group will be debuting the Bicycle Road Skills Course during the event.


·         Take the Stairs: Four new elevators will be installed in the North Bank Center. After installation is complete we will place “Take the Stairs” stickers near the elevator buttons.



·         Bicycle Kiosk: The Computer Science & Engineering students will have a poster presentation during the INSPIRE Conference. The conference will take place Oct. 12th from 9am-4pm in the UCEN. Cost is free. For more information, please go to: http://www.umflint.edu/outreach/students/inspire.page


·         Kearsley St. & Wallenburg resurfacing: The resurfacing project has been completed. There are now sharrows on Wallenburg. The bike lane now extends from the intersection of Kearsley & Chavez to Kearsley & Saginaw.



·         SAGE grant: We no longer need volunteers for the Sept. 21 clean-up day! M&M Engineering has agreed to provide their services! They will be painting the Bicycle Road Skills Course Sept.23rd/24th on the service drive near the W.S. White Bldg. The estimated date for sign installation is Sept.29th. The course will be debuted during the Touch-a-Truck event. Bicycles will be provided by the Rec center for users to test the course. Volunteers from the Walk and Bike Work Group will be needed the day of the event (Sept.29th, 11am-3pm) to help educate and instruct users.


·         Air Pumps: They have arrived and will be installed on several bike racks throughout campus shortly!



·         Stephen Landon Memorial Ride: Faculty, staff, and close-friends are planning a memorial ride in honor of Stephen Landon. The date is yet to be determined but they believe it will be near the end of October. Details will be available soon. All proceeds will go toward a scholarship fund.

Next mtg: Friday, Oct. 5th at 1pm in the Alumni Rd. (3rd floor UCEN)


August Walk and Bike Mtg. Minutes

August Walk & Bike Work Group Mtg. Minutes

Attendance: Lee Cahan, Laura Gallagher, Aaron Bigler, Gary Parr, Theresa Landis, Ali Harris

  • Touch-A-Truck: Sept. 29th Dept of Public Safety will be hosting this event to target youth in the community. Families will be welcome to attend. The event is free. There will be several types of vehicles: fire trucks, ambulance, etc. for youth to observe with the opportunity to learn how they work! The UM-Flint Walk and Bike Work Group will be working to install the Bicycle Road Skills Course to display during the event as well as allow community members to ride through the course to educate them on bicycle safety.


  • SAGE Grant: We have made some changes to our SAGE grant. The Walk and Bike Work Group will now be installing a Bicycle Road Skills Safety Course near the parking lot of the White Bldg. (on Robert T. Longway Blvd.). The course will provide bicyclists the opportunity to learn about bicycle safety, road skills, various bicycle-related symbols/signage, and proper usage of bicycle lanes. There will also be a bicycle box. The course will be installed on a private service lane, therefore vehicles will not have access, providing a safer environment for users.


We are seeking volunteers to help with installation of the bicycle road skills safety course. We will need help cleaning and painting the site. We will provide a tent with water and light snacks! If you are interested in helping out please let me know asap: amisner@umflint.edu. Thank you!


  • Take the Stairs: Stickers have been placed near campus elevator buttons! Check them out and TAKE THE STAIRS INSTEAD! J


  • Maize Bike Kiosks: Prototypes will likely be available for campus use by the winter semester. Members of the team who have developed the prototype have met with the University Outreach Incubator to discuss the potential for a student-run business in the Spring to market and sell the kiosk dispensing system. Maize bikes will be available again during the Fall semester.


  • Kearsley/Wallenburg resurfacing project is nearly complete. Downtown Flint will begin construction on Harrison/Kearsley soon. Parking along Kearsley (near Harrison, in front of the parking ramp exit) will no longer be available to create a safer pedestrian/bicyclist environment.


  • A new bike rack has been installed at the Lot T parking lot. Two new bike racks will be installed in Lots R & S. We hope to eventually use the kiosk bike dispensing system at these new sites.


  • Air pumps will be installed on all of the bike racks soon.


  • The Recreation Center’s Free Bike Rental Program has been going very well. Usage is high.


  • Alan Harris has acquired a power generator for bicycles. We may have a display during the Welcome Back Picnic.


  • The next Walk and Bike Work Group mtg will be Friday, Sept. 7th at 1pm in the Alumni Rm. (3rd floor UCEN)


June Walk and Bike Mtg Minutes

June Walk and Bike Mtg. Minutes

Attendance: Ray Hall, Gary Parr, Theresa Landis, Ali Harris, Al Harris, Yang Pi

  • Take the Stairs: Stickers have been finished and are currently being manufactured. Elevator data (to use as a reference to log future usage) from French Hall was lost during a power outage, however installation of stickers will continue.


  • Tour de Flint: 60-70 participants. Very successful and great turnout for the very first ride!


  • Bike Share Kiosk System: Presentation June 12 @ 10am in the Alumni Rm. Access to wireless internet may be an issue. Campus ITS will be involved to help resolve this issue.


  • Maize Bikes: Releasing 5 remaining bikes in the beginning of the Fall semester.


  • Webpage: Bicycle info will now be available through the Rec Center. The website will provide info on the Walk and Bike Work Group, bicycle safety, tips to register your bike through DPS, and anti-theft techniques.


  • Kearsley St. and Wallenburg resurfacing project will be underway shortly. UM-Flint attempting to sync up resurfacing project with city (for Harrison).


May Walk and Bike Meeting Minutes

Walk and Bike Work Group May 5th Mtg. Minutes
Attendants: Theresa Landis, Cassie Kent, Laura Gallagher, Theresa Roach, Raymond Hall, Yang Pei, Michael Farmer, Michael Lelli, Casey Sturk

Agenda Items:
Bicycle share locking system class project: Much of the hardware is designed and was presented. The software will worked on by CSEP students as part of their capstone class and will be finished by next spring.

Maize Bikes: Several Maize bikes were set out around campus last Monday. Look for them throughout the season.

Air Pumps ordered:A set of air pumps to be locked onto bike racks around campus have been ordered and shall be installed soon.

Two new bike racks to be installed:New bike racks will be installed near lots R and S and by Harrison St for a total of 14 racks on campus.

Rec Center Bike Rentals: Thanks to student government allotting $500 to the rec center, the hourly bike rentals will be free to UM-Flint students. There will also be extended rentals available for students for daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal options.

Take the Stairs Campaign: Image designs for the “elevator buttons” have been narrowed down to two options. Look for the buttons soon.

Tour of Flint: May 19th. The Tour of Flint is a bike ride that explores some of Flint’s history and exciting present and future. The ride includes two 15 miles loops and are SAG and sweeper supported. The ride also is intended to promote bicycling in and around Flint. To register please check out:http://tourofflint.wordpress.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tour-of-Flint/259186607485944


o Raymond Hall, UM-Flint Director of Public Safety, announced two more officers are taking bicycle training, for a total of six officers on bicycles throughout campus!
o We were approved for the $1,000 mini grant from Safe and Active Genesee for Everyone (SAGE) for the installation of a “bike box” at the intersection of Kearsley St. and Chavez Dr.

The next Walk and Bike Work Group meeting will be held June 1, @ 1pm in the Alumni Rm. (3rd floor UCEN)

April Walk and Bike Mtg. Minutes

Walk and Bike Work Group April 6th Mtg. Minutes

Attendants: Ali Harris, Theresa Landis, Gary Parr, Greg Rybarczyk, Alan Dostie, Laura Gallagher, Raymond Hall, Aaron Gibler, Amanda Kosko

Agenda Items:

-          Take the Stairs Campaign: Working on design for signs to be placed by elevators. Contacted Lacee Horton and JoAnn Ford to help with design. Design will be finalized in May.


-          Walk/Bike survey results: presented by Laura Gallagher. Results help to understand the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists on campus and serve as a tool to guide future planning and implementation. Results will also be presented by Laura Gallagher April 13th during the Student Research Conference and again during Meeting of the Minds, May 12th.  http://www.umflint.edu/research/student_programs/SRC/home.htm


-          Bike Share Program Locking System will be presented Wed, April 11 @ 12:30pm in MSB 104 by Dr. Farmer and the engineer/computer science majors.


-          2012-2013 Walk and Bike Proposal: $15,000 approved. Job postings for two new interns will be posted soon!


-          SAGE Mini Grant: App was submitted. According to the student led 2011 University of Michigan-Flint Alternative Transportation Study, the intersection of Kearsley St. and Chavez Dr. was identified as an area of extreme concern for bicyclist’s safety due to the lack of bicycle visibility, high vehicle traffic, and poor driver behavior.  To address this issue and strive to increase the usage of alternative transportation modes on and near campus, the Walk and Bike Work Group at UM-Flint intends to install a “bicycle box” at this intersection.  Bike boxes increase the visibility of bicyclists and allow them to enter/clear the intersection before motor vehicles. In addition to the bicycle box installation, a promotional kick-off event will be held during the fall 2012 semester in order to educate faculty, students, staff, and the public on how to use this –first of its kind in Genesee County-bicycle facility through on-site event demonstrations by local transportation experts and dissemination of materials that describe the purpose and usage of bike boxes.  In addition, the kick-off event will provide educational literature such as bicycle maps, walking maps, wellness seminar offerings, bicycle training events, information on sustainable transportation courses at UM-Flint, and literature regarding UM-Flint’s Go Blue Live Greener efforts throughout the campus community and greater Flint area.


-          Tour of Flint: May 19th. The Tour of Flint is a bike ride that explores some of Flint’s history and exciting present and future.  The ride includes two 15 miles loops and are SAG and sweeper supported.  The ride also is intended to promote bicycling in and around Flint. To register please check out: http://tourofflint.wordpress.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tour-of-Flint/259186607485944


-          Earth Day Celebration: Saturday, April 14th 10am-3pm UCEN. The Walk and Bike Work Group will have a table with various brochures/info on display. http://www.mcc.edu/earthday/earthday_schedule.php


-          Other:


  • Raymond Hall, UM-Flint Director of Public Safety, announced there will be officers on bicycles throughout campus very soon!
  • Free webinar: Bike Sharing in the United States: State of the Practice and Guide to Implementation
    Thursday, April 26, 2012
    3:00 p.m. — 4:30 p.m. EDT

To register for the webinar, visit https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/844556930.

*The next meeting will be held May 4th, 1pm in the Alumni Rm. (3rd floor UCEN)*

March Walk and Bike Mtg Minutes

02/03 Walk and Bike Work Group Mtg. Notes

Attendants: Gary Parr, Theresa Landis, Casey Sturk, Ali Harris, Al Harris, Laura Gallagher, Greg Rybarczyk

  • Walk and Bike Work Group Brochure:
    • 200 copies printed and now available at the Rec Center


  • Mtg. with Computer Science Prof. Farmer & engineering/comp science students:
    • Discussed potential for bike kiosks (4 bikes/kiosk & 4 kiosks)
    • Capstone project: Kiosk design will be est. Winter 2013 semester
    • Considering security options (locks, camera, etc.)
    • Programming options
    • Energy source (solar panels, batteries, etc.)


  • Ann Arbor Initiatives:
    • Please see the attached doc.


  • 2011 Year End Summary:
    • Please see the attached doc.


  • 2012 – 2013 Proposal:
    • Draft was discussed
    • To be submitted by March 2012
      • Bike Share Program: Locking system, bike repair costs
      • Parking Lot Bike Racks: promote use of periphery lots (R, S, & T {Rutherford?})
      • Air Pumps: Rationale, numbers, costs
      • Interns: Data-bike racks, Maize Bike Locking System; Programming
      • Bicycle Friendly University Application: will be revisted
      • Sage Mini Grant


  •  Take the Stairs Campaign:
    • Currently gaining inventory
    • Considering easel placement


  • SAGE Mini Grant Ideas:
    • Bike box (designated area on corner of intersections permitted only for bicyclists) near high traffic intersections on campus.
    • Tents to raise awareness of biking, walking, etc.
    • MTA – provide training/informational session on proper bike rack use



  • Bicycle Friendly University
    • Will be revisted


  • Other:
    • Looking for volunteer to represent Walk and Bike Work Group table during Women’s Night Out event March 22, 4pm-8pm.


Next Mtg: April 6 (March 2 is Spring Break) @ 1pm in the Alumni Rm. (3rd floor UCEN)

October Walk and Bike Mtg Minutes

Walk and Bike Work Group Meeting Minutes

Oct. 21, 2011

Attendants: Theresa Landis, Ali Misner, Cameron Manche, Casey Sturk, Theresa Roach, Laura Gallagher, Jacob Blumner, Cassie Kent, Alan Harris


Take the Stairs Campaign:

  • Currently discussing potential for signs/stickers/plaque around the buttons in the elevators.
  • Looking to obtain quantified data of elevator usage to further promote the campaign.
  • Current data revealed it costs $1,060/yr/full time student to use only the elevator!
  • Potential for prize give aways for students using stairs during campaign.

Bike Data:

  • Daily bike counts revealed bike rack #3 (in between MSB and French Hall) is the most used. Therefore, we will be looking into getting more U-shaped racks available to campus members at that location and/or possibly installing a bike rack to be donated by the Crim Fitness Foundation! We’ll also be asking the campus groundkeepers to avoid piling snow onto this location so usage may continue year round.
  • The new cover (once a smoking shelter) for bike rack #5 (between the Rec Center and MSB) is now being used more frequently because of the new cover! Recycling the smoke shelter has been a success! J


  • UM-Flint’s Outreach: planning a bike tour for the next Earth Day.
  • Jacob Blumner, Stephen Landin, J.J. Shafer currently planning a Flint Bike tour the weekend before Memorial Day (more details to come).
  • Crim Fitness Foundation will be having a May Bike Month Challenge.
  • The remaining section of the bike trail near the Skate Rink/University Pavilion is being completed.


** Due to scheduling conflicts, we’ve decided it would be best to continue our meetings on the 1st Friday of every month. The next Walk and Bike Work Group meeting will be Friday, Dec. 2, at 1pm in the Alumni Rm. (3rd floor UCEN)***

Thank you!

Sept. Walk and Bike Mtg. Minutes

Walk and Bike Work Group Meeting Minutes for Sept. 16, 2011

Attendants: Cameron Manche, Kyle Haller, Theresa Roach, Greg Rybarczyk, Kay Bosha, Theresa Landis, Cade Surface, Laura Gallagher, Ali Misner, Cassie Kent

Bike Share Program:

Five bikes were placed on campus last week. Three more have been introduced this week.

Signs are going to be made and placed on each bike rack to provide further information on the program, as well as a map of bike rack locations.

Surveys to help increase the level of bicycle and pedestrian friendliness on campus, and to understand current transportation trends will be sent out via email soon.

For more info on the program, please click here:



Road Skills 101 Course: Volunteers may be needed. Event will be held Oct.8. 8am-5pm Registration is $20. Members will be provided with informational booklets and guided by a certified League Cycling Instructor on the proper techniques of bicycling in traffic. Please click here for more info:





Cassie Kent, UM-Flint student and Rec Center employee, is considering starting a petition to create a safer pedestrian environment on Harrison St. Members of the group are in favor of this idea and are also considering attending a city council meeting to present a letter of concern. Supporters during the meeting will be appreciated. More information will be provided in the near future.


Flint River Trail has trail rides every Sunday at 2pm. For more info, please click here:


The Flint River Trail section near the University Pavilion is currently being worked on!


NEXT MEETING: Oct. 21, 1pm in the Alumni Rm. (3rd Floor UCEN)


For more info on our group, events, and programs, please check out:




Thank you!

Ali Misner

UM-Flint Walk and Bike Program Intern



“Next to a leisurely walk I enjoy a spin on my tandem bicycle. It is splendid to feel the wind blowing in my face and the springy motion of my iron steed. The rapid rush through the air gives me a delicious sense of strength and buoyancy, and the exercise makes my pulse dance and my heart sing.” ~Helen Keller, author and blind-rights advocate

New events posted!!

Please click on the Events and Programs link at the top of the page to see what new events we have in store for the coming Fall 2011 semester! We’re VERY excited!!!