Embrace the Struggle

A month and a week from today, the semester would be over. I like the weeks after spring break because you are much more energized, motivated, inspired, and the knowledge you gain from the environment you are in makes it so much better.

Living in Flint for a while now,  I have found a couple of places I spend time on campus that re-energize me when I get tired of school or studying or just doing anything. I normally go and sit in the park where the Gandhi Statue is or I take a walk downtown. Often times as human beings we are known to get discouraged pretty quickly especially when things are not really going our way. But there are always things we can do to fix that and that is finding a way to clear your mind, revisiting the goal list you made at the beginning of the semester, your support system, your campus activities or just the environment you are in.

I always tell people that there should be always one thing they should try and change about themselves monthly and take on a new challenge. My new challenge this week to keep me energized is to make sure I workout for at least 45 minutes a day, and seven days a week for the rest of the year while combining a hectic schedule. If I can and will do it, that gives me the confidence and tells me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Exercising refreshes my brain and makes it very sharp. Just thought I’d share a few tips I use to clear my mind when things start to get difficult! One thing I would say is that WE SHOULD EMBRACE THE STRUGGLE BECAUSE IT IS OUR GREATEST TEACHER!

Go Blue