Over the years, I have always had role models around me to give me an image of what a leader looks like from my dad to uncles, brothers and cousins. Having that opportunity that most people do not have also rings to my ears not to take that blessing for granted, and I continue to make sure I surround myself with people who are leaders. I seek advice from them and soak up every knowledge, and challenge myself to be a better person every day.

Having said all of that, I always make sure I never miss the opportunity to broaden my horizon, meet new people, and continue to make myself better even if it means missing my spring break week or getting some much needed rest. I was fortunate this week to facilitate the Intercultural Leadership Seminar, a seminar developed by the International Students Center here at the university. Myself and Jonathan De la Fuente, an International Development Counselor at the IC office, facilitated the seminar with the supervision of Malin Clark, Director of the IC Dan Adams and our Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Mary Jo Sekelsky on site with us for the whole week.

The cool part of this seminar was meeting 25 beautiful people from different parts of the world who were leaders in their own different ways and willing to give up their spring break to make themselves better. I was inspired by seeing our 2013 participants tackle the challenges being given to them from excellent speakers like our very own Dr. Sekelsky, Dr. Altomirano from University of Pennsylvania, and motivational and inspirational speaker Nehrwr Abdul- Wahid from Minnesota. They got out of their comfort zones developed a strong bond, and were able to learn from all the activities we had planned for them. They never gave up and even after a long day’s work of seminars and activities they were always willing to hang around for more to enjoy themselves and get to know about one another and their different cultures and countries. I’m glad that I, Dr. Sekelsky, Malin, Dan, John, Dr. Altomirano, and Nehrwr were blessed to witness an awesome group. I could have never been prouder to facilitate or be a part of a wonderful seminar like this one.

The seminar was also dedicated to a dear friend we lost last month and student leader of our campus Felipe Andrez. Felipe facilitated the program for the last two years and did an excellent job. He and Riddhi encouraged me to participate in the program last year. Definitely no one can fill his shoes, but he impacted the lives of many and was always a friend to have in your corner. I miss you man, continue to rest in perfect peace.

Knowing me, I always have a camera with me everywhere I go and I captured beautiful memories this week; memories and friendships that would last a lifetime. Here are some images captured from the week. To all my Michigan fans out there, sorry for our loss tonight. I hope they make it up to us by winning the big 10 tournament. 

Go Blue!!




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