Final Exams and Graduation

The week we dread the most and love the most is here.We dread it because we have exams in the various classes that we taken over the course of the semester. Now that exam or that paper makes the biggest difference in your final grade. We love it because the next week after finals is graduation. I have been taking my finals and writing papers over the last two weeks, my last one is tomorrow and I am so happy to be done. I don’t mean to rub it in your face or anything—like every one of you I have put in WORK. I encourage you to finish up the semester strong. I know you might be fed up with the semester already, but keep your head up. It will soon be over. This is just to wish you all the very best of luck in your FINALS!!!

I also want to use this medium to congratulate the graduates of the WINTER CLASS OF 2o12 who walked across the stage yesterday. The commencement was filled so much joy, happiness, and a lot of proud families, friends, well wishers, faculty, and staff. The chancellor gave a remarkable speech about Regent Libby Maynard and described her with this quote: “Well behaved women who work hard for the greater good of mankind go unnoticed.”  Regent Maynard was ending her tenure having served as a Regent for the past three decades. I was inspired to hear about Regent Maynard’s journey, and it definitely motivated me to want to do more for my campus and community. The university also honored Dr. Dee Dee Bridgewater with an Honorary Doctorate degree. Ghada Alkiek had a speech that just summed up the University of Michigan-Flint wonderfully well, and I was just glad I was able to witness it all (of course with my camera as well). I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday.

Here are some snippets from the wonderful day: