It’s been a busy couple of weeks and time is not waiting for any man. Sometimes I look at the week and ask myself where it’s gone! Twenty-four hours are not enough for me anymore. Exams, papers, research, classes, assignments, and study sessions need to be concluded, but somehow I still manage to function. I have no complaints because I’m honestly thankful to be in this position, to be busy and not be idle, to have the opportunity to be a better person and a better student.

This semester has taught me the importance of planning. I say “planning” because until recently when someone asked me what I was doing at 7pm I would have to let them know I would get back to them. I would think I could store things in my brain, make schedules in my brain, and store 1,001 more things in that same brain as well. Most of the time, being human, you tend to forget.

I have a very good friend called Stephanie K. She’s studying business and finance here at the university, and one thing I really admire about Steph is that she is very organized. She knows what she is doing, what time she is doing it, and where she is doing it, and all this works through her planner. Stephanie is someone a Fortune-500 company would love to hire because she is very skilled at planning a variety of conferences, meetings, and events. She can give you a business plan and tell you how to go around and what to do right from the top of her head.

I really admire this skill set in Steph and I wanted to take heed to that, so I had to learn about organization all over again. I felt like I could not progress or move forward without being organized or having things laid out in front of me. My parents always used to tell me, “If you fail to plan then plan to fail.” Believe it or not, that turned out to be true! Some lessons in my life I have learned the hard way, but if I can help keep one person from making those mistakes I will.

All that said, I think a PLANNER is one of  the top five things that a college student should have. Freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, we all need it. It’s essential because you are able to prioritize (and don’t use your phone; trust me it does not work). A paperback one from the bookstore would do the deal. It gives you a mindset that separates the important things from the non-important, which comes in handy in our college career. It allows you to also group classes, homework, and study sessions in an effective manner. A paperback planner has made my semester  much easier, and I love the effective result I am getting.

I wish you a very stress-free and productive week!

Go Blue!! ( Oh, and by the way, we beat State!!!!!!!)