My Favorite Class

Hey, everyone!

I hope we’re all set and ready to give these midterms coming up all the potential we’ve got! I’ve have been so busy trying to get back into my routine and making sure I do things the right way. I wrote in my first blog that I love math no matter how hard or challenging it is. I love every bit of it. My favorite class that I have taken on the university campus happens to be Math 120. I took this class my freshman year with Professor John Moliassa, who is a mentor to me now.

Professor Moliassa was one of the best math professors I had ever seen because he challenged you, related math to your daily life and college activities you partook in, and he even ensured you participated so you got the gist of how each topic was connected. You understood what he thought in class. It was in Math 120 that I realized there is a difference between doing what you love and doing what you are paid to do.

I liked the class because with the way Professor Moliassa taught you could see his passion and love for mathematics, and he made sure each student felt that anytime they walked into his class. His class made me love math even more. In class he would also emphasize the importance of office hours, and made sure he gave all students the attention they needed so they understood the topic presented. He always said that you would know what you gained from the class, not by the grade you earned, but by how you could apply the things you learned to other classes and life.

That class also taught me the importance of office hours, responsibility, and accountability. A lot of times I would go to his office hours because I had tried the hardest problems and wouldn’t be able to get an answer. I would be frustrated, but after I left his office I would understand a different method of solving that problem and other math problems. Most students at times would come in saying, “I used to get an A+ in Math in high school.” I even came in saying that, but he would challenge us and say, “I want to see you put all the potential you gave in your high school math class also put into Math 120.”

Oddly enough, I like to take classes that push me to my limit, that challenge me more than I have ever been challenged, that give me a run for my money, and that also allow me to discover a potential in me that I never knew existed. Math 120 did just that—which is why it’s one of my favorite classes I have ever taken on the University of Michigan-Flint.