PHHS Alumni published in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Online Journal

Dr. Ray Elmblad

Dr. Ray Elmblad

Recent Doctor of Anesthesia Practice (DrAP) graduate, Dr. Ray Elmblad has featured in the Online Journal of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

Dr. Elmblad was previously named the 2013 Practice Doctoral Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) Foundation. Dr. Elmblad earned the title through his study on the association between workplace incivility and professional burnout in Michigan Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). The project was part of Elmblad’s capstone requirement for the DrAP program. Gergana Kodjebacheva, assistant professor of health care administration, and Lynn Lebeck, clinical assistant professor of anesthesia and former anesthesia program director were Elmblad’s capstone advisors. A previous article with more in-depth information on Dr. Elmblad can be found here!

PHHS students published in Journal of Undergraduate Research

Public Health and Health Sciences students Denise Martin and Tina Sabo have published articles in the University of Michigan-Flint’s Journal of Student Research. Both Denise and Tina submitted their works as part of the 2014 Meeting of Minds conference. Under the guidance of Faculty Sponsor Dr. Gergana Kodjebacheva, Denise Martin published her article ” SCHOOL-BASED COMMUNITY GARDENS IN FLINT, MICHIGAN. A Proposed Nutrition-Based Intervention to Decrease Childhood Obesity Rates,” and Tina Sabo published her article “Children on Boundless Playgrounds: Attendance and Play Activities.”

The Journal of Student Research can be read online here!

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PHHS at the APHA annual meeting

Many of our PHHS faculty presented research studies or took part in moderating sessions at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA) this past November in New Orleans!  Joining PHHS faculty was student Hannah Murdoch who also presented at the annual meeting.

APHA’s acceptance of our faculty’s work speaks to the high quality of their research. APHA is the world’s oldest and most diverse organization of public health professionals. More than 13,000 public health professionals attend the organization’s annual meeting (

Here is a listing of our faculty’s APHA articles, by author. Click the links to read the article abstracts!

Faculty Articles

Dr. Vicki Johnson-Lawrence, Mediating Role of Anxiety Between Perceived Discrimination and Sleep Quality in the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) Study

Dr. Vicki Johnson-Lawrence, Science Informing Community, Community Informing Science

Dr. Gergana Kodjebacheva, Physical Activity patterns among children with asthma: Results from the 2012 National Youth Fitness Survey

Dr. Gergana Kodjebacheva, Geographical Distribution of Perceived Neighborhood Safety In Relationship to Depression in Los Angeles County

Dr. Gergana Kodjebacheva, Geographical Distributions of Risky/Negative Experiences Before and During Pregnancy In Relationship to Low Birthweight in Los Angeles County

Student Presentations

Hannah Murdoch, Missed Appointments in Federally Qualified Health Centers: Does Racial Identification Affect Missed Appointment Rates?

Sessions moderated by faculty

Dr. Lisa Lapeyrouse, Health of Latinos across North American geographical contexts

Dr. Suzanne Selig, From research to action: Translation of CBPR into practice and/or policy change


New PHHS Appointment Scheduling Online Process!!!

Public Health and Health Sciences is excited to announce our new appointment scheduling on-line process! Using the Appointment-Plus system, the worldwide leader in online scheduling solutions, students will be able to conveniently schedule all types of appointments ranging from Academic Advising, Internship, Anticipated Graduation, Thesis, general course concerns and many more. You need only to click the link at and click on “Create Your Account” to get started.

Once you have entered your credentials, your profile will be saved in the system for all future appointment log ins. For convenience, please feel free to use your LAN password and Uniqname as it will be easy to remember. Appointments can be made from the comfort of your home, at the time that is convenient to you, or even on the go from your mobile device. No more waiting in long lines, or for the office to open, or even to make a phone call! Also, as a special feature with this new process, all appointment reminders will be sent to your UM-Flint email and as a text to your cell phone!

We encourage you to use this process going forward, and reminders will be posted throughout our website and social media outlets. Please reference the screenshots below for a step by step process to create your log in!



Diabetes Lunch and Learn

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On Tuesday November 11, over 60 participants took place in the Wellness Lunch & Learn presents… Eating Healthy: How to Prevent and Live with Diabetes event in the UCEN Happening’s Room.  This well attended event was sponsored by the University of Michigan-Flint Urban Health & Wellness Center, UM-Flint Recreation Center, MHealthy and HealthPlus, and saw participation numbers increase from last year.

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Participants learned practical tips on eating and living healthier for the whole family, including finding out about resources to manage and help prevent diabetes. “The food was excellent,” one participant said. “A great way to demonstrate how healthy eating can taste good. I learned about portion sizes and how to easily determine high versus low glycemic index foods.”

Those in attendance this year also had the opportunity to have their blood pressure taken, which over 40 people participated in. “I really appreciated having my blood pressure checked today, thank you for this opportunity to learn more about diabetes,” one attendee said after the event.  “I learned quite a bit about hypoglycemia and what is considered pre-diabetic.”

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Congratulations Dr. Selig!

On November 1, 2014, our very own Public Health & Health Sciences Department Director Dr. Suzanne Selig will be among 13 individuals recognized by the non-profit Motherly Intercession as an “Essential Piece” Award Honoree for her continued support of the organization!

Motherly Intercession’s mission is to break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration, and save the lives of innocent children whose parent is or was incarcerated. Motherly Intercession’s annual fundraiser dinner will be held in the Northbank Center at 6 pm on November 1st. For tickets or more information, please visit the website or call Lisa at (810) 424-9909. Congratulations again Dr. Selig!

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Public Health and Health Sciences at the 2014 Meeting of Minds Undergraduate Conference at Oakland University

For over twenty years, the annual Meeting of Minds Undergraduate Conference has provided an opportunity for students at the University of Michigan – Flint, the University of Michigan – Dearborn, and Oakland University, to present research findings conducted with faculty members at each respective university. Students are also allowed to present/conduct performances or demonstrations during the Meeting of Minds event in the areas of art, music and drama. The event holds both oral and poster presentations of multi-disciplines and is attended by both students and faculty members of the Universities as well as family and friends of the presenters. The 2014 event was hosted by Oakland University, and Public Health and Health Sciences student Tina Sabo sat down to give us some insight into her perspective on her experience at the Meeting of Minds!

Tell me about the Meeting of Minds Conference, and the format of your day while presenting at the event?

The Meeting of Minds event provides an opportunity for students of U of M-Flint, U of M-Dearborn and Oakland University to present our research we have conducted with faculty members. This year, the Meeting of the Minds Conference was held at Oakland University.

The event is split between morning and afternoon presentations, each with scheduled poster and oral presentations to attend. According to the Meeting of Minds program, Oakland University hosted 139 oral and poster presentations this year. The poster presentations are set up for attendees to wander around and read. Poster presenters are there to answer any questions attendees may have on their particular research project. During lunch, there was a guest speaker, Kathleen F. Delaney, M.D., Pediatrics, of Beaumont Hospital. She had worked as a student researcher when in college and presented her research at Meeting of Minds.

What was your contribution to this year’s event?

The research that I presented at the Meeting of Minds conference this year was an observational study that I conducted as a research assistant with Dr. Kodjebacheva. Our research was on Boundless Playgrounds in the state of Michigan. We assessed the safety and accessibility of the playgrounds as well as mapped the location of the playgrounds in terms of poverty rates.  Fellow Public Health and Health Sciences student Denise Martin also presented at the conference, showcasing a program project on School Based Community Gardens that she had created for Dr. Kodjebacheva’s class.

How did you begin to work on your research, and how long did the project take to complete?

I was recruited to work as a research assistant for Dr. Kodjebacheva after taking one of her classes. The playground observations were conducted from June to August 2013, and the interpretation and writing of our data took several months to complete. I was humbled that Dr. Kodjebacheva asked me to work with her on this project, and have grown fond of conducting research. I love the fact that we are conducting research that focuses on child health issues, as that is one of my passions, and an area of research I would like to continue as I begin my journey to obtain my M.P.H.

What is the next step? Will your research be featured elsewhere?

The Meeting of Minds has an online journal that Dr. Kodjebacheva and I submitted our research on boundless playgrounds for publication there. The work Dr. Kodjebacheva and I have conducted on boundless playgrounds has also been recognized here at the University as well as in the Flint Journal.

UntitledDepartment of Public Health and Health Sciences students Tina Sabo (above) and Denise Martin (below) present their research at the 2014 Meeting of Minds Conference at Oakland University