Recently, Discovering Place asked teachers and partners what they find exciting about place-based education.

Here are their responses:

“I am excited to get kids outdoors, enjoying nature and learning about nature. Because if we care about something we take care of it and fight for it to be saved.” 

“What you instill in a young person in school can last a lifetime.” 

“The opportunity for children to learn within the context of the subject rather than studying a concept from a textbook.”

“Creating educational opportunities where none existed previously.” 

“I’m excited to teach students about natural habitats of ducks. Many of our students have already begun asking questions about ducks and what will happen after the ducks hatch. It’s exciting to see the students get excited!” 

“Bringing students, parents, teachers, and community together to learn and work together for the good of all!” 

“Getting students involved in their education and their community.” 

“Involving students in meaningful real-life work…It helps youth learn how to be involved in their community and might provide ideas for different types of career options.” 

“Seeing excitement of a child learning something new.”

“The rich experiences the students gain by going on field trips, working outdoors, and building a community of learners.” 

“What excites me about place-based education and working with kids is to see their eyes light up when they experience something new. You know it’s a learning moment. Kids are fun to be around.” 

“Getting students outside.” 

“Making use of available space and resources to excite and teach children.” 

“Brings people of all ages together for a common cause and/or purpose.” 

“It gets me excited to see students being active in the community and able to see, feel, taste and be involved.” 

“It prepares and educates our kids to make things better – to build a healthy sustainable community!” 

“PBE –

Attaches kids to nature

Bringing hope to all

Variety is the spice of life

Smiles on faces.”

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