Remember the speed-dating scene in Hitch, the Will Smith matchmaker movie? Seated opposite each other, ladies and gents summarized their wishes and qualities for a moment, before a signal beckoned gentlemen to move on.

Discovering┬áPlace isn’t in the business of fostering romance, but at our April 19 mixer, we’ll be matching up teachers and community members to partner on school projects through a speed-dating activity.

Mutually beneficial partnerships are important to place-based education projects. Teachers have already begun making connections with community partners in their schools’ neighborhoods, and will want to bring those partners along. It’s also important to connect with Genesee County agencies with expertise in your project areas.

So start thinking not only about the resources you need from experts, but how school projects can benefit partners. Then get your “elevator speeches” ready. It’s time to make some (project-focused) connections!

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