What makes a good place-based education project?

As teachers know, place-based education often starts with looking around and seeing how students can learn through projects in their own local environment or community.

PBE doesn’t stop there, though. Teachers put lots of thought into how projects will connect with their school or district’s primary academic objectives and how habits of mind will be developed. Ultimately, place-based learning creates strong connections between students and their surroundings to develop a sense of stewardship within youth.

At the March 21 Discovering Place workshop, educators will not only designing projects around required curriculum, they will brainstorm ways to help students develop habits of mind and stewardship through PBE.

Rebecca Nielsen, of Nielsen Education Consulting, will be guiding teachers through these concepts during the upcoming professional development session. Teachers, this is a can’t-miss opportunity to work hands-on with an environmental education expert. RSVP¬†today!

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