When the University Outreach department of UM-Flint joined forces with the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative, Danielle Gartner was there. As the program coordinator for Discovering Place, she helped the program take root in three Flint-area schools over the past two years.

Last month, we reluctantly said farewell to Danielle as she left to work for a Ypsilanti organization devoted to community gardening. Knowing how hard Danielle worked to plant seeds of stewardship in Flint, it’s not surprising that her new employer is known as Growing Hope.

After a Herculean effort to establish the program, it wasn’t easy for Danielle to say goodbye either. Not to tell any tales out of school, but Danielle became a bit misty-eyed during a recent leadership meeting as she thought of the teachers and partners she’ll miss.

Since Danielle is thoroughly versed in Environmental Justice and Place-Based Education, we’re fortunate she’s agreed to come back and speak at our upcoming professional development workshop, to help us continue to grow hope here in Flint.

About the Workshop

The workshop, slated for 4-7 p.m. Wed., Oct. 19, will be held at For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum. For those able to arrive early, For-Mar’s Rosemary Thiebaut has offered to lead a 3:30 p.m. hike through the preserve, which promises glimpses of gorgeous autumn color. Teachers and partners are welcome to bring their cameras to post photos on Flickr.

Along with place-based education and environmental justice, the workshop will also address Inquiry-Based Learning, which can increase student motivation as well as help youth gain deeper understanding of academic concepts and develop critical thinking skills, according to the Schreyer Institute.

Our autumn menu will include a barbecue meal by Famous Dave’s, plus cider and doughnuts. We will also be discussing the readings on Environmental Justice, which were e-mailed last week. Please be sure to RSVP, and bring your binder and a pen. Can’t wait to see you there!

Questions? Send Elizabeth an e-mail here.

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