Fulbright Services

Advising:  UM-Flint offers advising to students who are applying for Fulbright programs.  Dr. Mary Jo Kietzman, who taught on a Fulbright lecturing grant in Kazakhstan, is the Program Advisor.  Contact her at mkietzma@umflint.edu to set up an appointment to talk about your goals.   See her travel blog at News and Views from Oriental Siberia.

Workshops:  Dr. Kietzman will be organizing informational sessions during the coming academic year to introduce students to the available opportunities and to offer pointers about writing your proposal.  Your fist step is to familiarize yourself with the Fulbright web page http://www.iie.org/en/Programs/Fulbright-US-Student-Program .  Fulbright also has face-to-face and online informational webinars.  See their website for details.

Although we do not have an internal review process, it is strongly suggested that you submit a draft of your project proposal and personal statement to Dr. Kietzman or another faculty member with whom you have worked closely.

Application deadline for this year is October 17, 2012.  You should be planning now to apply for grants which would be due in October 2013 for travel during the 2014-2015 academic year.  Writing a competitive grant is an involved process, and you must plan ahead.  It is very important to know as much as possible about the country you are applying for so that when you write the grant, you sound informed, curious, and serious about the country.

Fulbright Faculty:  Several UM-Flint faculty members have been Fulbright scholars.  Feel free to contact them to discuss their experiences and what you hope to accomplish with your teaching or research project.

  • Mary Jo Kietzman, Associate Professor of English—Kazakhstan
  • Susan Gano-Phillips, Associate Professor of Psychology—Hong Kong
  • Joan Mars, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice—Romania
  • Seyed Mehdian, Professor of Finance—Romania
  • Suleyman Uludag, Assistant Professor of Computer Science—Turkey (currently)
  • Quamrul Mazumder, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice—Bangladesh (applying)
  • Traci Curry, Lecturer in Communications—Indian (applying)