Remembering Beulah Alexander

Beulah AlexanderLongtime University of Michigan-Flint employee Beulah Alexander passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at her home on Thursday, September 20.

Beulah came to UM-Flint in 1989, starting in the Registration & Records Office. In 1994 she moved to the Philosophy Department as a Secretary ll. The School of Education and Human Services (SEHS) was founded in July of 1998. Three months after the school opened, Beulah accepted the job of executive secretary to the SEHS dean. She was the first and only executive secretary for the school, serving under seven deans. In 2010, she was the recipient of UM-Flint’s Staff Recognition Award.

“Beulah was a true cornerstone of the department, working tirelessly on behalf of students, faculty, and staff,” recalled Chancellor Ruth J. Person. “She was involved in many campus activities and initiatives as well. For years she served on Staff Council, advocating for her fellow staff members.”

Beulah worked annually with a committee to plan and organize the Veterans Day observance. She understood and appreciated the sacrifices of our military, and made it a priority for the campus to honor them for their service.

Her co-workers, like Cheryl Godmar, say she will be greatly missed.

“Beulah was an avid reader, and a great university ambassador.  She knew practically everyone on campus. She was a huge supporter of the military and our veterans,” said Godmar. “She loved her family and especially loved spending time and attending activities related to her niece and nephew. She was always happy and proud of the success of others.”

“She had such a deep knowledge of the School of Education and Human Services that she was able to provide me with contextual and historical perspectives on issues that I often included in my decision making processes,” said Interim SEHS Dean Bob Barnett. “She was an invaluable co-worker and a great friend.”

Funeral arrangements are pending and will be included here when finalized.


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Comments (12) to “Remembering Beulah Alexander”

  1. I will always remember how much Beulah loved being an aunt. We shared that. I mean, she LOVED being an aunt. I also remember how much she loved her family. Her brother.

    She taught me to speak your mind, always. She did. She was so deeply honest. Beulah and I started UM-Flint together in 1989, in the Registrar’s Office. We had a BLAST! She was so, so funny. We laughed so much. In so many ways, I grew up at that time. I was 20. So young. So impressionable. Boy am I glad she was one of the team that “impressioned upon me”.

    I turned 21 there. With Beulah.

    Some people just have an impact. I’m so lucky to have worked with Beaulah. She was special. Very special.

    To Beulah’s family: thank you for sharing her with us. She loved you all so very much.

  2. A rose has been taken from our garden. One so loving and kind. With a petal on her stem for each of us, she would always help and never mind. She was funny and helpful and giving. She kept her family and loved ones close at heart. Her memory will be forever alive, and of her, each of us carries a part. Whether she helped with your dossier, or just told you your idea was crazy, her perspective was always new and energizing,just like the freshness of daisies.

    Learning of Beulah’s transition was hard news to take. She was one of the first people I met at UM-Flint and she was a great co-worker and friend. While she will be greatly missed, her presence lives on by the fingerprint the placed on each of our lives.

    I love you Beulah. May you rest in sweet peace.

    Blessings and Peace, Traki

  3. Beulah’s fingerprint is and will always be on each of our lives. Love forever…..

  4. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Beulah. While only for a short time, she has left an impression on me that I will long remember.

    She was such an advocate and always willing to help other people in anyway possible. She was the glue that held SEHS together and we will all miss her dearly.

    I’ll miss all the laughter she brought to the office, and all her stories about how she worked her nephews including her youngest one Caleb and how he would complain that “Auntie Bobla” was “working him death”

    Love, Leah

  5. My beautiful Auntie Beulah always kept a smile on her face even when she wasn’t feeling the best. She never forgot to send a birthday card even if you forgot to send her one. She loved her job and worried more about others than she did herself. This very selfless woman will truly be missed. I love you and miss you terribly my beautiful aunt

  6. Beulah, I still cannot believe that you are gone. You have been a fixture in my personal life and professional life for 15 years. I am still struggling with not being able to call you or email you or to just stop by to chat with you even for just a few minutes. I will greatly miss our lunch trips to Empress of China for our usual shrimp and broccoli. I always ordered hot and spicy soup and you would look at me and say “How can you eat that!?” You always talked about seeing Jordan and Jasmine graduate high school and college and I am deeply saddened that you will not be able to see them grow into adults. You had a big heart and an infectious laugh. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of my life and my children’s life. No matter if you were ill, you still came to show your support at their school events and this meant the world to them. Thank you for showing me a strong work ethic and believing in me all these years. You were and still are a wonderful auntie and Jordan and Jasmine will continue to make you proud. We all carry a big void in our heart. We love and miss you.

  7. My dear friend Beulah. My how I miss you already. I have known you for about 13 years and what ride it has been. I am so very sad that our journey together has ended so soon (as we had a lot more trouble to get in to). Your knowledge of SEHS, its history as well as its current processes, were tucked away in your brain until someone needed something, then you always pulled out the right information to help! You were always there to lend a hand & always made sure I had a bottle of water to drink when I stopped into the office. You always took care of everyone else, that was your priority, to make sure everyone was okay. Things will not be the same without you. Even though I will miss you every day, God has a much bigger plan in mind for you and needed you!

    To Beulah’s family, my heart goes out to each and every one of you. I cannot imagine the loss you are going through. If it provides some small comfort, Beulah is in my prayers and thoughts. My fond memories of our time together will live on forever. She will be sadly missed around this campus.

  8. Beulah – I cannot believe that you are gone. Your funeral today was simply unreal and I just can’t believe that I am never going to hear your voice, especially that laugh ever again. I miss you.

    Thank you so much for caring about me enough to give me a hard time – about everything! I am so fortunate that all of my memories with you involve laughter, usually at my expense too. I know you are laughing down at me right now and that makes me miss you even more.

    Thank you for being a mentor to me professionally, and for teaching me to not take things so seriously. You showed me how important it is to know that the only thing you have control over is how you react to a situation, not the situation itself.

    You were so humble and never sought attention for yourself, the wonderful work you did or for being such a loyal and supportive friend. Although being selected as the Staff Recognition Awardee a couple of years ago was long overdue, I know how uncomfortable you were with the recognition. For you it was always about doing a good job for the university and never about you personally. However, I still relish how uncomfortable that spotlight made you – you certainly did not like your picture hanging in the pavilion – haha.

    My heart aches for your sisters and your beloved nieces and nephews. I hope they find comfort in knowing how much you meant to us, your university family. You have left a void that cannot possibly be filled.

    Thank you for being my friend Beulah. I miss you.

  9. Dear Beulah,
    I have been happy to know you for the 12 short years that i have know you (i cant exactly know you before i was born) but i remember the times my little brother Joshua and I would try to sneak up on you but you would always hear the door open and look at the mirror and laugh. But there was that time when my little brother came into the office and hid under the desk when you came in he jumped out and sang Happy Birthday
    Beulah, I will miss your laugh and the joy that you gave my mom when things got tough. The sadist thing was the last time we talked together, We promised when we saw one other next time we would do a silly string war with my brothers. The sad part is We never got to do it.
    i miss you Beulah
    Allie Ennis

  10. I never officially meet Beulah, however, we had many conversations here at central campus. I miss her laugh and her warm voice. She will be deeply miss not only in Flint, but here in Ann Arbor too. Both my prayers and thoughts are with Beulah and her family as well as the Flint Campus.

  11. As U of M Grads, my (now wife) and I were friends with Beulah to say the least. When she worked in the Philosophy Department. We graduated, moved got married (Beulah attended our wedding). I am crestfallen. I just became aware of this information this evening. I would have no way to have known. . . I am so sad to hear this I can’t easily put it here. We spent countless hours talking and I LOVED Beulah’s laugh!!! quick with a retort. I told her I was going to study for a doctorate in Philosophy, she, more than any counselor corrected my course and got me into talk with Glenda in History who helped connect me to a job opportunity that really launched my career. Beulah knew that I would not be a good match for advanced study in Philosophy! Wonderful person. She was missed when w left our education days behind, she will be missed more so. When I would drive by the school (on trips up north) it always made me smile to think (unknowingly) that Beulah was there handling that university. .
    Truly unfortunate.
    Dave Willis